5 Tips to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

The winter season is a wonderful time to share with family and friends, but the cold weather can bring more with it than just holiday cheer. Even in parts of Southern Utah and Nevada, cold weather in the winter can cause frozen pipes. And, you want to avoid freezing pipes as they can lead to burst pipes, which are a big and expensive problem.

So, often the best way to address frozen pipes is to prevent them before they become an issue. This guide from the HVAC experts at A-1 Services, Inc. has five tips to keep your plumbing lines from freezing.

Tip 1: Turn On a Small Trickle of Water

If a cold front is coming in, you can keep your pipes from freezing by turning on faucets to ensure a small amount of water flow. You don’t need to turn them on too much, just enough to let water get out. The flow of water makes freezing less likely to occur and also keeps the pipes from building up too much pressure.

Tip 2: Keep the Heat On, Even When You're Gone

When you’re going away for the holidays or for a winter vacation, you still want to leave the heat on in your home or apartment. You can turn the thermostat on to save on your utility bills. Still, to prevent issues like frozen pipes, our HVAC experts recommend that you keep the heat turned to 55 degrees or higher.

Tip 3: Consider Adding Insulation

While some of the tips on this list are for short-term concerns, one of the best ways to keep your pipes from freezing is to invest in better insulation. If you have an older home or just one that has issues with overall insulation, it’s worth upgrading, as you’ll have fewer issues and better temperature control.

Tip 4: Ensure a Consistent Temperature

At times you may be tempted to turn the thermostat way down at specific points in the day or night. Or, you might think that a cold front is an ideal time to save money by turning the heat down a little, but it’s best for your plumbing to keep things reasonably consistent. Ensure a fairly even temperature gradient throughout the day and the night.

Tip 5: Reach Out to HVAC & Plumbing Experts

The safest and most effective way to ensure your HVAC and plumbing systems are working well together is to contact the professionals at A-1 Services, Inc. With over 40 years of experience as a family-owned and operated company, we commit to the highest quality services for you and your family. Call us today to request an inspection.