5 Ways to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

During the summertime, you’re probably keeping your air conditioning going as much as possible. So, after months of heavy use of your HVAC system, it’s a wise idea to do some routine maintenance as temperatures begin to cool down.

You want to ensure your heater is in good condition to keep you warm throughout fall and winter. With these five tips from A-1 Services, Inc, you can easily prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming months.

1. Check the Air Filters

The air filter in your HVAC system should be changed every few months. While the exact amount of time can vary, the more pets or allergies you have, the more you should replace the filter. Even if you did so at the start of the summer, it’s still essential to check that the furnace and air conditioning filters are clean and clear.

2. Clean Up the Vents

The vents in your HVAC system can get dirty over time, and if they’re blocked, the air doesn’t flow as effectively. This can wear down the system as it has to work harder to get the job done. Before fall starts, you can open up all the vents and ducts. Use your vacuum to remove any dust buildup. Then, use a damp rag to wipe up excess dirt.

3. Look Over the Outdoor Unit

If your air conditioner or HVAC unit is outside, you’ll want to clear the area to remove debris. Make sure to rake up excess dirt, leaves, and twigs. It’s also important to assess the unit for signs of damage. If you notice any issues, such as debris inside the unit itself, contact an HVAC repair expert to request a service.

4. Locate and Fix Air Leaks

Unfortunately, air leaks around doors and windows are a common HVAC concern. When there’s a leak, it means the system has to work so much harder, and it shortens the lifespan of the HVAC unit. It also costs you a lot more money on your energy bills.

One of the best ways to remove these leaks is to install or repair weather stripping. If you have questions or need help with a leak in the HVAC system itself, a Utah heater repair expert is your best bet.

5. Request an HVAC Service

While taking time on your own to clean and check out your HVAC system before fall is essential, the best way to get the unit ready for the cold is with professional assistance.

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If you want to prepare your plumbing for the fall and winter, the professionals at A-1 Services are ready to assist you. We offer a full range of plumbing and HVAC services, and we recommen regular maintenance visits to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is the best way to prevent expensive problems and protect your home from damage.

A-1 Services, Inc. can perform routine maintenance and check for damage and leaks. We’ll ensure your furnace is in tip-top shape, so you stay warm and energy efficient. Contact us today to get started.