5 Ways to Save Money On Your Commercial HVAC

For a company to be profitable in today’s economy, every business needs to run as efficiently as possible to minimize costs and boost profits. For businesses big or small, one of the most expensive costs is energy use. The average cost for utilities for commercial spaces is about $2.10, most of which is electricity.

Keeping your building at a proper temperature enables you and your employees to work without the struggles of freezing or sweating. Balancing costs to the climate in your building is vital for your bottom line. To that end, here are five ways you can save money on your HVAC energy requirements without having to endure uncomfortable and distracting temperatures.

1. Educate Your Employees

Once you work in an office or retail store long enough, you will often notice a troubling trend. During the heat of summer, commercial spaces will usually overuse their air conditioning to the point of freezing employees throughout their entire shift. And when winter comes, many commercial buildings will crank up their furnaces and overheat everyone.

Why? This can vary from company to company, but if your employees have access to the thermostat, they may be adjusting the temperature. When it comes to energy costs, you may be surprised at how much you save simply by keeping your thermostat steady all year. You may be surprised at the positive reaction of your employees as well!

2. Perform a Power Use Audit

Your building may have been built to code, but not every building is fine-tuned for energy savings. HVAC systems can undergo a thorough inspection to ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. This type of audit can also inspect the quality of your building’s walls, windows, and ductwork to give you a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your climate control. Your air conditioning and heating may be escaping right through your walls and windows!

3. Ensure Regular Maintenance On Your HVAC System

If you want to guarantee a higher power bill every month, a broken or unmaintained heater or air conditioning unit will do the trick. If you want to lower it, regular maintenance can save you almost 40% on your yearly energy bill compared to a system that is not checked and serviced.

4. Install Smart Climate Controls

“Smart” thermostats are simple. Completely programmable, a smart climate control system allows you to set-it-and-forget-it, keeping the temperature of your commercial space perfect during business hours and turned off during the night. There’s no need to heat or cool a building with no one inside. These climate controls can even be set to stay off on weekends, lowering your bill even further.

5. Hire an HVAC Company to Properly Seal Cooling and Heating Ducts

Most newly constructed commercial spaces are built with energy efficiency in mind. Older buildings, however, may lack such modern efficiency or are simply showing signs of wear and tear. You can save up to an additional 20% on your power bill by hiring a local HVAC company like A-1 Services to seal or reseal your building’s ducts. Just as your climate control can leak out of low-quality windows and walls, you may not even get to enjoy your HVAC system with rusted and broken ducts.

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