6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Spring is a wonderful time of year. The mild and comfortable outdoor temperatures may mean that your furnace is off during the day, and it’s likely that your air conditioning hasn’t yet kicked on. With your HVAC system on “cooldown,” spring is an excellent time to take care of maintenance so that you can enjoy the next few seasons without worry.

Here are six easy maintenance steps you can take that will protect your heating and cooling from wear and ensure they continue to run efficiently.

1. Change the Filter

Every time you perform maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner, it’s filter-changing time. You should do this task every six months, although three or four times a year is best if shaggy pets live in your home. A clogged and dirty filter is one of the most common problems we address and one of the most avoidable maintenance bills. If your air conditioning or heating isn’t blowing as hard as it used to, checking the filter should be your first order of business.

2. Dust the Ducts and Vents

Over a long winter, the ductwork of your house can gather quite a bit of dust and debris; as effective as filters are, they don’t catch everything. Vents in particular can suffer from scuffs, dirt, and debris. All that junk is the last thing you want to breathe, so take a broom or an extending duster to wipe down what you can reach.

3. Clean and Sweep around Your Furnace

Your furnace does a lot of hard work through the winter season. Even if you haven’t experienced very chilly temperatures, furnaces tend to attract dust and grime that can build up and cause issues if not addressed. The solution may be as simple as brooming the floor around your furnace.

4. Clean the Space around and under Your Outdoor AC Unit

Air conditioning not only relies on the intake of air through a clean filter, but it also relies on a clean exterior vent to blow the heated air out. If your AC unit is clogged with leaves, dust, or other debris, you’ll notice the moment you turn on your air conditioning. For the highest efficiency, all sides of the unit need to be clear, so take some time to check beneath and behind the unit for anything that might clog the vent.

5. Check Your Thermostat Battery

Another issue that we address whenever we perform maintenance on our customers’ HVAC systems is the thermostat. If the air isn’t blowing at the correct temperature, it may be as simple as a dead battery. Nearly all thermostats run on regular AA or AAA batteries, so changing them is one of the easiest things to check before you call the professionals.

6. Let Your Air Conditioning Run for a While

Once the weather outside is perfect, take a minute to turn on your air conditioning system for the first time. If the air that blows through your vents isn’t strong enough or doesn’t provide the cooling your home needs, it may need some special attention. This will help identify a problem before summer arrives in full.

Stay a Step Ahead with Spring Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

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